White Kaudi (Cowrie, Chozhi)


  • White Kaudi bestows the blessings of Lord Kubera and Goddess Lakshmi.
  • In astrology, White kaudi is used to balance the planetary effects of Jupiter with the malicious effects of Ketu and Rahu.
  • It is a specially used for for Diwali puja / Kubera puja/ Lakshmi Puja.
  • According to the Hindu Shastra, Kaudi is known to be a loving product of Mahalakshmi and is also associated with Lord Shiva.
  • White Kaudi is considered an excellent tool to save children from the effects of the devil.
  • Anyone who puts White Kauri(Kaudi) in Pooja room or prays for Goddess Lakshmi can be blessed and gain success, prosperity, wealth, and fame in life.
  • Kaudi White Kauri is used in Mahalakshmi puja.
  • White Kauri (Kaudi) is offered to the goddess Lakshmi for wealth and prosperity. It is also very convenient to keep it at the office.
  • White Kaudi is also used in the pooja of the Goddess Bagalamukhi.
Weight 150 gm approx.
Dimensions 1.5 cm approx.
Brand Taamarai
Color White
Type Kaudi
Material Sea snail
Quantity Pack of 27 shells


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