Seenthal Kodi / Guduchi


  • Samithu sticks are the twigs used in oblations, sacrifices to deities during Homa, Agni Karya, or invocation of deity in the fire.
  • The sticks of age-old trees that fall down themselves are collected, dried, and bundled for offering to God by invoking fire.
  • Seenthal Kodi or Guduchi Samithu sticks are widely used for Ganapathy Homam.
  • Seenthal kodi / Guduchi / Chittamruthu / Tippa Teega
  • Giloy, Amruthaballi

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  • Samithu sticks are dipped in the ghee and offered for the homam. It gives good positive energy.
  • The smoke from the homam by burning the samithu sticks increases the aura of the place.
  • Samithu are the wooden sticks used while performing homam. These sticks are collected from old trees.
  • Samithu sticks are one of the integral parts of any rituals.

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Product Seenthal Kodi Samithu
Specialty Natural
Type Wood Sticks
Brand Taamarai
Sold By Shreem Ventures
Weight 250 gm (approx.)


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