Lakshmi Kubera Deepam


  • The lamp is lit with a cotton wick or lotus stem wick soaked in ghee.
  • Illuminated by ghee, Diya attracts peace, happiness, and prosperity.
  • Brass Diya is widely used in Indian traditions and is often used in religious festivals such as Hinduism, Seekism, Jainism, Diwali ceremonies.
  • Kubera Deepam is known for bringing good luck, prosperity and wealth,
  • This unique Lakshmi Kubera lamp with kubera coin with Lord Kubera Lakshmi on one side and Kubera Yantra on the other side is used to evoking their blessings in Lakshmi Kubera Pooja and to gain material growth and prosperity.
  • We can use Kubera Dheepam (Vilakku) every day for financial growth and debt-free life.


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