Kuber Deepam / Kubera Vilakku


  • Lord of wealth is Kubera and worshipping him with this deepa pleases him.
  • Lighting this deepa every Thursday at Kubera timing of 5 to 8 pm is considered auspicious.
  • Lighting this deepa towards north at our home entrance invites Goddess Mahalakshmi.
  • Recite Kuber Gayathri Mantra in front of Diya for wealth and goodness by all means.
  • Diyas for Diwali is a traditional practice being followed for many years but brass Diya gives an idea of decor + tradition.
  • Taamarai has come with Brass diya online as expected to be more authentic as available in the offline market.
  • Care Instructions: Wet the Diya with water, sour with pitambari powder for extra shine, wash well under running water, wipe clean with a dry cloth, do not use steel wool or wire mesh for cleaning, always clean glass with a sponge and liquid soap.
  • Kubera vilakku/Kubera deepam/Kubera vilakk/Kubera deepa/Kubera deepak
  • Lighting Kuber Deepa / Kubera Vilakku with lotus stem wick and ghee in our home or office blesses us with abundance and prosperity.
  • A unique decoration for the home Brass metal art oil lamp for puja offering.
  • Traditional design, this type diya has been used for Diwali for centuries. Makes a wonderful gifting option, Great gift ideas.
  • A beautiful decorative element for your home or altar. These oil wick lamps, popularly called Kuber Diyas, are meant for performing Aarti and Puja according to Hindu customs and rituals.
  • Fire is one of the most important elements in Hinduism and it represents cosmic energy.
  • These diyas are large and can hold enough oil or ghee to keep the wick burning for several hours.


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