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  • The Dakshinavarti Shankh is the perfect item for Vastu&purposes and gives it a great deal of positive energy.
  • Valampuri Shankh and Dakshinavarti Shankh are also used in Tantric Sadhana.
  • A skilled index of the Tantric cult has found that this shank is manipulable and helps to achieve the goals associated with wealth and materialism.
  • In Hindu scriptures, valampuri non-blowing shanks (shells) are always considered very sacred and important for pooja.
  • Shankh / Conch is important because it has relationships with many gods and goddesses.
  • In most images, you can see the gods and goddesses carrying the shank.
  • There is a very rare special shank, among which is the Dakshinavarti Valampuri Shank. It is named Dakshinavarti Valampuri shankh because it has a right-handed twist on the bottom.
    According to many scriptures, the goddess Lakshmi lives in Dakshinavarti Valampuri Shank. Therefore, worshiping this shank means worshiping the goddess Lakshmi herself, and she blesses those who worship it.
  • It bestows abundant wealth and prosperity on believers. Atharva Veda says he has the power to defeat his enemies.
  • Apart from the goddess Lakshmi, the other gods associated with Dakshinavarti Shank are Lord Vishnu and many gods such as Varna, Agni, Soma.
  • They are kept in the place of Puja with the goddesses Lakshmi and Sri Vishnu.
  • It is believed that if you are suffering from poverty and shortage, you must keep the DakshinaVarti Shank in your Pooja Room or in your treasure chest.
  • Due to its religious importance and rarity, many traders have begun selling duplicate shells. The original shank is from the Indian Ocean which can be bought online in Taamarai Store.
Weight 11 g
Height 7″
Brand Taamarai
Color White
Type Pooja Shankh
Material Sea snail
Quantity 1
Note Due to being a natural product, There may be some changes in the measurement, weight and color


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